Skin trends and fashion

You think fashion trends are only for reality? Well then it’s going to be news for you, but trends are also present in video games. You can especially see that with games that have tradeable skins like CSGO does.

When the game started, the most popular skins where the ones that made it seem more like the actual uniforms of policemen or army soldiers, now skins go more urban. Of course there is still use from the unused skins, you can deposit them in such websites like Drakelounge.

Trends are usually set by the biggest demographic playing the game: that is players from USA who have been already playing it for a while. According to this demographic, cameo is no longer “cool”, now everyone want to be seen. That is supported by the fact that one of the most popular colors are orange and red (usually in the shape of flames).

The gear also depends on the season – they seem to reflect the seasonal changes. For example in winter it is noted that players dress their shooters warmer than in summer. Of course, the gear changes more often than once in a season. Players usually change the skins at least once a week.

If you don’t agree with the trends, you can always make up your own. If you don’t want the skins you’ve got, you can always deposit them in sites like Drakelounge.